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Jewelry and object collection

I am living in a part of the world where capitalism is threatening to commercialize every aspect of our lives not excluding the most intimate ones. “My Love I Will Eat You Alive” is a celebration of passionate love - a traumatic contingent encounter as opposed to superficial consumerist attitude which offers us "love without the fall".

The collection consists of a series of textile jewelry, objects, poetry and film. Together they form one piece of art which is an expression of passionate love.


Short film based on the theme of collection

"If you travel the world with wings like a bird, in a safe bubble.

Soap.. Champagne.. Castle in the air..

Bird, birdie..

Be beautiful, be different


Whatever. You can ask me again.

It has entered my mind, taken root ,turned into tree..  Or perhaps.. will fly away like a bird, fade away, lose scent and cease to exist...

My love, I love you, I will eat you alive

My love I will eat you alive"

Ruta Naujalyte
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My Love I Will Eat You Alive

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