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It all began in a pile of sewing thread. Over the years I’ve experimented with various materials and techniques, but always stayed loyal to crochet. I mastered the craft by pushing myself to the limits. 

I use the tiniest hooks and the thinnest threads available. Threads that have interesting stories usually prevail - those from a flea market or a trip, sun bleached cotton, thin vintage silk or leftover neon. Colour combinations are essential in my work. I do not use sketches or patterns but rather create arranged thread combinations. First I create miniature textile art pieces and then I transform them into either jewellery, art objects, miniature textile compositions or digital textile prints. 

Shapes evolve organically; impression of incompleteness is significant. Scattered thread brings liveliness to the object - you want to tie them around your fingers, you want to brush them, twist them, pull them, you want to tame them and make your own. It adds presence and brings awareness of the here and now. I have no purpose in replicating nature, reproducing hyper realistically, I am just creating new species. My work has a macabre aspect to it - It emphasises the fragility of beauty. I use birds as metaphors, my feeling expressions.  

It's a unique, non-commercial jewellery.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.




2008 Vilnius Art Academy, Faculty of Arts in Kaunas,- Master in textile

2006 Vilnius Art Academy, Faculty of Arts in Kaunas,- Bachelor in textile

Personal Exhibitions


2019  “My Love I will Eat You Alive”  Artifex gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 “Birds And Roses”, Showraum Trofejas, Berlin, Germany

2015 “Plan 9”, contemporary jewelry, Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCM), Faro, Portugal

2009 “Rapolas, the foreman”, Artifex gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Grants and Awards

2016   Honorable mention, TRIPLE PARADE , China

2016   Merit award winner at “Arts and Crafts Design Award”, Croatia

2013 Award for a bright appearance at 2013 “UNITEKSTAS“ Kaunas biennial, Kaunas, Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis, Lithuania

2012 Lithuanian state scholarship for artistic and cultural creators

Group Exhibitions


2019  Collectiva Meeting, Porto, Portugal 

2019  Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition, Beijing, China 

2019  "The First Supper, a Praxis of Too Many Dinner Parties", Dinn lommel, Tonsberg, Norway

2019  Femina group, S9, Oslo Norway

2018  The 10th ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ International Fiber Art Biennale Exhibition and Symposium,Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China

2017   Baltiske Filmdager, Cinemateke, Oslo, Norway

2017   Oslo Culture Night at the fort, GSF skatepark, Oslo, Norway

2017   MiniArtTextil, Cité Internationale University of Paris, Paris, France

2017 Artistar Jewels – Milano, Italy

2017 “Triple Parade” - Gauguin Gallery Beijing, Wangjing SOHO.

2016 “Triple Parade” - SHENGXI Museum of Fine Arts, Tianjin

2016 XXVI international exhibition of contemporary art MINIARTEXTIL 2016 - “TO WEAVE DREAMS”, Como, Italy

2016 Oslo Culture Night at the fort, GSF skatepark, Oslo, Norway

2013 “UNITEKSTAS“ Kaunas biennial, EMERGING ARTISTS’ PROJECTS, Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis, Lithuania

2012 Valcellina Award 8°, Maniago, Italy

2011 "En Face", Klaipeda‘s Culture Communication Centre, Klaipėda, Lithuania

2011 REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD, Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania

2011 Design weekend, Vilnius, Lithuania

2008 Symposium "Approach", Kaunas, Lithuania

2008 "aquarium”, Baroti gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania

2008 "Black Light", Polacko National Museum, National Gallery, Belarus

2008 "Black Light", Kaunas 600 year anniversary, Kaunas, Lithuania

2008 "City Signs", Textiles Biennale, Arkos gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2008 "Textile art Berlin", Carl-von Ossietzky-Oberschule, Berlin_ Krenzberg, Germany

2007 “Black Light”, Kaunas Castle, Lithuania

2006 "Enthusiasts ", Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania

2006 "Textile art Berlin" textilkunstenesse Max-Taut- Shule, Berlin, Germany


Art Fairs


2016 Designernes eget julemarket 2016, DOGA, Oslo, Norway

2016 AUTOR international contemporary jewelry fair, Bucharest, Romania

2015 CRAFT Vilnius, contemporary fair, Vilnius, Lithuanian

2014 CRAFT Vilnius, contemporary fair, Vilnius, Lithuanian




2009 Costumes, “Sugrįžimas į dykumą”, directed by A.Areima, Kaunas National Drama Theatre.

2008 Costumes, Ivan Vyrypajev, ”Sapnai”, directed by. K. Glushajev, Kaunas National Drama Theater
2008 Costumes, “Karalius nuogas”, directed by N. Ivančik, Mazasis Theater, Vilnius



2018  The 10th ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ 10th International Fiber Art Biennale .Catalogue

2016   “Triple Parade” Dialogue across You and Me to Them, Creator, Weaver, Viewer. Catalogue

2017   MiniArtTextil, To Weave Dreams. Catalogue

2017   Artistar Jewels, Book

2013   “UNITEKSTAS“ Kaunas biennial, EMERGING ARTISTS’ PROJECTS. Catalogue

2012   Valcellina Award 8°. Catalogue

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