A Beautiful little bird called "Mac". It's a soft fiber sculpture. 
Dimensions: 10x17x9cm 
Technique: Crochet feathers; beaded body; metal wire legs.
Story: Mac has participated in 2 exhibitions in Berlin and Oslo, it is part of a bird series titled My Love I will Eat you Alive. *Bird. The Bird. Bubbles. Soap, champagne, castle in the air. Be beautiful, be different. I’ll invent a new species of birds, which is better, which brings peace. Through the world to your wardrobe you can become Mister / miss congeniality - beauty queen of World. The bird will sing songs, that you teach it to sing. Each feather tells fairy tales, endlessly..  teach you to love, enjoy and understand. He is your man, woman and child. Flies away to the heavens, to the dungeons. It has entered my mind, taken root ,turned into tree. Or perhaps will fly away like a bird, fade away, lose scent and cease to exist...*

Little bird


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