One of a kind piece from my collection 'Flowers to your imagination'

Dimensions: 14x3x1cm 

Gold plated hook

Image, smell, feeling of transience, fragility, sympathy, antipathy, love, color.
True, artificial, pot, field, bulb, indoor, snow, out of my head ...
Flower? WHAT? Where? What? Why?
This has entered the brain, taken root and turned into a tree. Or perhaps will fly away like a bird, fade away, lose scent and cease to exist...
Just as a flower - jewelry is a boost for imagination, a friend, beauty, smell - deep rooted into the wardrobe, only one.
There are no two identical flowers, only same species, just as "Flowers to your Imagination". But each flower / jewelry is a separate individual, blossom, tree, planet, bird, amulet, a friend.
Story: First I create miniature textile art pieces and then I transform them into jewelry. Threads that have interesting stories usually prevail - those from a flea market or from a trip, sun bleached cotton, thin vintage silk or leftover neon. Shapes evolve organically; impression of incompleteness is significant - scattered spare thread brings the jewelry closer to its owner. You want to tie the threads around your fingers, you want to brush them, twist them, pull them, you want to tame them and make your own. It's a unique, non-commercial jewellery.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 
Exhibitions: has participated in exhibitions in Berlin and Oslo

Blossom earrings dark